Thursday, December 16, 2010

Chapter One Part 2

Zaran had heard the humans speak about survival of the fittest and how it applied to their own exploits. He shared the concept with his brethren and they had decided that on this planet the Randoni had to be the fittest. Humans had many worlds out there in the universe, the Randoni only the one. It had to be preserved for their species and all the other species with which they shared this life. If that meant compromising their principles, most of the Randoni agreed that their principles were meaningless if their species was wiped out. Some, however, saw this as a test of their adherence to their own morality. The council was split on this issue and the ensuing angers led to potential violence within their species, something unheard of for millennia. The elders of the Randoni council knew that violating their principles would doom them as surely as their annihilation at the hands of the enemy. The younger hot heads believed that the physical survival of their race was paramount. Tensions that had existed for decades through different philosophies were tearing their culture apart.
Most of their villages had been leveled when they stood up to the human leader Joseph. Little did Joseph know that this only goaded the Randoni into action. They had slunk away, Joseph thought with their tails between their legs to lick their wounds leaving the field open to him and his men. This thunder storm was unpredicted, but Joseph was unaware it had been manufactured by Fallon, a princess of the Randoni. Her abilities included control of such forces of nature as well as many others.
Fallon was a sweet young girl when the humans came. Only 9 Randoni years old at that time, she was one of the powerful maji already. She loved her planet and all that lived there, seeking harmony with every creature. Humans taught her to kill. Although she had not yet used the power to take life, she had learned that she had the capacity to do so. It was a frightening idea for such a young girl. Knowing that extent of her own power was both enlightening and terrifying. Even at her tender age, Fallon knew that her choices would drive her people into their future. Her teachers knew her level of power could be a temptation. They had instilled a strict moral code into the girl. Her awareness of the potential consequences of the wrong decision stayed her hand when her ire rose. She would not doom her people though displays of temper.
As she stood inside the keep, her small hands raised to summon the storm, Fallon’s soft golden fur stood on end, coming to its full 2-inch length with the electrical tension of her energy. She glowed, a soft yellow-blue light surrounding her, making her huge forest green eyes even larger. For someone so tiny she controlled incredible power. Only 2 ½ feet tall, the smallest of her age group, Fallon was respected by children and elders alike. Her posture was incredibly straight and she seemed to grow in size as the storm brewed. It was as if the power of the maj had inhabited her and caused her to expand physically in order to channel it.
Her family had been killed in the early days of the human invasion. She had been taken in by the maji clan, a group of those who wielded power beyond the norm for Randoni. Even the wizened, grey-furred Trefion was awed by the control this child had over their home world. She had summoned this storm in order to have her people covered while scouting the human camp and equipment. Her friends were among those on the scouting mission so Fallon was extremely careful to increase the force of the storm. Their lives and freedom depended on not being noticed or caught.

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